Welcome To The Firm

Buchwald Capital Advisors LLC, a boutique investment bank specializing in financial restructuring and related services, was founded in 2001 by Lee E. Buchwald. Mr. Buchwald is a forty year veteran investment banker who has been an executive at such prominent firms as Rothschild Inc., Salomon Brothers and Chanin Capital Partners. During his career Mr. Buchwald has been responsible for over 125 transactions. In addition to financial restructuring advisory services, Mr. Buchwald’s transactions have included: trustee and fiduciary appointments, litigation support and expert testimony, mergers and acquisitions, private and public securities placements, valuations and fairness opinions. Please see the Experience section for a detailed review of Mr. Buchwald’s extensive experience and education.

Buchwald Capital Advisors LLC: The Right Choice

  • Professional Experience: Mr. Buchwald is a seasoned investment banker with a notable track record of successful transactions. Clients are guaranteed senior level attention at all times.
  • Priority Service: As a small boutique investment bank, Buchwald Capital Advisors can only handle a few matters at a time. Consequently, every transaction receives the attention it deserves and no responsibilities are handed down to junior staff members.
  • Competitive Fees: Due to its size, Buchwald Capital Advisors has greater flexibility in structuring fee arrangements than larger firms do. Likewise, the firm is able to charge fees that are significantly lower than its larger competitors while providing better quality of service.